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Shared Trusts

Variable Insurance Trust

A variable insurance trust (VIT), much like a mutual fund shared trust, is a single registered entity through which a series of funds can be registered with the SEC and the funds within the trust are advised by multiple advisors. However, shares of VIT funds are sold only on life insurance platforms and are offered to separate accounts of participating life insurance companies for the purpose of funding variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance policies.

Gemini offers a variable insurance trust to advisors looking to launch a fund for insurance platforms called the Northern Lights Variable Trust (NLVT). The benefits specific to a VIT:

  • Shares of VIT funds are not offered directly to the general public, which creates a new distribution channel for your strategy.
  • Competition on insurance company platforms is limited, which provides your fund with a better chance to gain new investors than on a more widely used platform.
  • The insurance company is essentially selling your fund for you when they are selling their products, which can lead to more active distribution of your fund.

To read about starting a fund on an insurance platform, key differences from a traditional mutual fund and distributing a fund on an insurance platform, download Gemini’s flyer on Starting a Fund on an Insurance Platform.

If you’d like to learn more about launching a fund in the NLVT, please Contact Us today. You may also visit Gemini’s web site at